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A web is composed of the warp - the long threads which run the length of the fabric - and the weft, the single thread that is woven back and forth through the threads of the warp and thus binds the web together. It is the weft which gives a web its form, its strength, and its durability. That single thread is a good metaphor for what Weft - the Web Engineering Factory and Toolworks - is about. Lots of people can produce pretty websites. That isn't Weft's speciality. Weft is about producing robust, well engineered information systems which use the Web as cheap Client-Server LEGO, enabling us rapidly to develop and deliver powerful applications.

Open Source

Weft is committed to both the practical and, more importantly, the moral case for software being open source. Open source software benefits the user in many ways: data is never locked up or hidden in proprietary formats, bugs can always be fixed even if the original author doesn't want to fix them, software can always be maintained even if the original author has gone out of business. Open Source software is never 'end-of-lifed'. It's never 'desupported'. It doesn't have compulsory (expensive) upgrades or complex licensing charges. From a user organisation's point of view open source guarantees that you will have access to your application, and through it to your data, whatever happens to the people who supplied it. More importantly, of course, open source means that you - or anyone you choose to hire - can extend, enhance and adapt your applications.